Promoting open innovation

between students from CTU, from Technion and Companies (March‑April 2019)

Project CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_014/0000650 „Supporting expert capacity for effective technology transfer at CTU“ is co‑financed by European Union.


What is the Czech Israel Partnership Accelerator

The Czech Israel Partnership Accelerator is a unique program that promotes open innovation via creation of tailored solutions for unique challenges arriving from real companies.

Corporate Partners from Prague and Israel propose CIPA’s multicultural teams innovation challenges relevant to their business, in fields such as:

  • Smart Cities
  • Industry 4.0
  • The Internet of Things
  • Automotive / Smart Mobility
  • Healthcare / MedTech
  • IT-Security

How does it work?

Entrepreneurs and young professionals from Prague and Israel form international teams, and engage in a 2-month program composed of a kick-off workshop, a virtual acceleration phase, a final workshop presentation to the companies.
Teams are guided throughout the program by highly skilled mentors to create tailored solutions for the proposed challenges.

Part I. Workshop Prague (March 4th to March 8th 2019)
An intensive training week in Prague, held by the Czech Technical University in Prague, devoted to guiding the newly formed teams in the process to open innovation while addressing specific challenges of the participating companies.

Part II. Virtual Acceleration Phase (8 weeks)
Development of a tailored solution for the proposed company challenge supported by virtual mentoring and online collaboration tools.

Part III. Workshop Israel (April 28th & 30th 2019)
Intensive 2-3 days workshop, held at the Institute Technion led by Tech7 at the end of May 2019 in Haifa, Israel, followed by final presentation of the results.

Future Prospects

  • Incorporate the tailored solution to the company‘s product/service portfolio.
  • Partner with the team by e.g. becoming first customer for the solution or Seed-investing a potential startup. In either case the newly formed startup can also be incubated at SCE or  to receive further support during its implementation and initial growth phases.


What Benefits do you get?

  • Obtain real experience in entrepreneurship while developing solutions with real business feasibility
  • A unique opportunity to acquire business experience working with innovative medium sized and large companies
  • Creating personal and business relationships
  • Challenging and interesting work with international teams
  • Possibility of receiving personal recommendations by appreciated mentors and company professionals

Program requirements

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Team players
  • Availability during workshops and virtual phase
  • Fluency in English
  • Commitment to the program


  • Project management skills
  • Team leaders
  • Professional experience
  • Experience with multicultural work
  • Working in corporate environment
  • Command of Hebrew / English


What will we do in CIPA?

In general, in the kick off workshop you will form an international team of four or five people, composed of Israelis and Czechs. Each team will be working on a challenge on of our company partners. A mentor from the company will be your go-to person for questions and guidance, and a CIPA coach will be assigned for each team to help you along the way.
You will be required to develop an innovative solution to the company’s challenge, research, offer solutions, achieve progress, and present deliverables on every milestone until the final presentation to the company (in May 2019).

Why should I apply for the accelerator?

CIPA offers you a unique opportunity to experience first hand what it’s like working in open innovation processes by offering innovative solutions to leading companies and businesses.
You will get a rare chance to experience how it’s like to work with people from a different culture, receive mentoring from professional, experienced mentors, and enlarge your network (professional and personal).

Who can participate in the program?

The program is meant for participants who are university students or up to five years after their last degree and already working. Just take into consideration that first part one of the program includes a full-time five-days’ workshop that will take place in Prague from March 4th to March 8th, a virtual phase afterwards where you will work on the project up to ten hours a week and a final workshop in Israel in May 2019.

How much time do I need to invest?

The answer is divided into three parts according two the three phases of the program:
Part I is a mandatory fun and intensive workshop which will take place in Prague from March 4th to March 8th in Prague, organized by the Czech Technical University in Prague.
After that comes Part II which is a 8-week virtual phase. During that time we estimate that you will spend around 6 to 10 hours per week working on your team challenge.
Part III will happen in May 2019 and is a two to three day workshop in Israel.

How much does it cost and what is included?

There is a fee to pay for the program, to show us you’re serious.

What will you receive?
  • Obtain real experience in entrepreneurship while developing solutions with real business feasibility
  • A unique opportunity to acquire business experience working with innovative medium sized and large companies
  • Creating personal and business relationships
  • Challenging and interesting work with international teams
  • Possibility of receiving personal recommendations by appreciated mentors and company professionals
  • Five day workshop including accommodation and lunch in Prague, mentors, two day workshop in Israel, also including accommodation and lunch. Flights are also covered.
Who will be the corporate partners?

The companies participating will be published here soon.

How do I apply?

Email Nicole Vavrecka at

What are the timelines for applying?

Applications for are already open and coming in. The process and timeline differs slightly for applicants from Israel and Czech Republic.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Sure! Write us!


“I am pleased that new opportunities for interconnecting science are emerging at CTU and industry with the active participation of students and experienced practitioners. It is extremely important for us to support the innovation potential of talented students at CTU. The CIPA project is a unique opportunity and I believe that we will gain a whole range of new experiences and opportunities.”
Vojtěch Petráček, rector of CTU in Prague

“The first year of the CIPA project is just the beginning of Czech-Israeli cooperation on innovation. I am very pleased that students will engage in the Smart City theme. In fact, around 250 start-ups are developing this industry in Israel, and they are developing the world’s leading technologies. I believe that cooperation in international teams on specific innovative solutions will benefit all participants and I support the entrepreneurial spirit among students.”
Daniel Meron, ambassador of the State of Israel in the Czech Republic

“Technion is a university that regularly ranks at the top of the world rankings and several Nobel Prize winners have been published.  CTU gave the world Christian Doppler and František Křižík and is known as the best technical university in the Czech Republic. I look forward to innovative solutions and ideas that our students will generate.“
Kamil Čermák, CEO of ČEZ ESCO

“I like to meet people from other cultures, it’s a great experience for me to learn something new. Electromobility is close to my heart, it’s always a good idea to work on a project that will make the world a little greener.”
Shani Adadi, a student at the Israeli University of Technion in Haifa

„I am open to new ideas, new things and I like to know new contacts, I wanted to participate again in an international cooperation project, to use the university to the maximum. I am a mechanical engineer, so I am interested in how the technology will develop in the future, I write a bachelor thesis on the topic of smart cities.”
Jan Zaoral, a student CTU in Prague


Benefits for participating companies:

  • Outsourcing innovative tailor-made solutions
  • Entrepreneurs and young professionals from Prague and Israel solve innovation challenges of Israeli and Czech companies
  • Accompanied by highly experienced business mentors and start up specialists from both Israel and Czech Republic
  • Benefitting from insights into and contacts to the Israeli eco-system
  • Scouting opportunities for innovative and professional employees
  • Becoming part of the CIPA company network
  • Unique multicultural accelerator program
  • Cooperation between leading Entrepreneurship Centres in Prague and Israel

Nordic Telecom

Nordic Telecom is a Czech telecommunication operator building its own countrywide networks in two licensed radio bands.

More information

Via broadband 3.7GHz network provides ultrafast data connections mainly to households. Narrowband 420MHz LTE network is supposed to provide secure and dedicated connection for mission critical infrastructure and applications. Nordic also operates as full virtual mobile and fixed operator in the Czech Republic.


ČEZ ESCO (Energy Service COmpany) is a leading provider of effective, budget-wise and environmentally friendly solutions for businesses, municipalities and the state.

More information

The company was established in the autumn of 2014 with the vision to integrate ČEZ’s existing energy services subsidiaries and further expand through organic growth and acquisitions. At present, ČEZ ESCO has 17 subsidiaries and over 1,800 employees in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The ČEZ Group also provides ESCO services in Germany, Poland and Romania, through its sister company ESCO International, which has more than 2,000 employees. This makes ČEZ the largest provider of these solutions in the region.

CEZ ESCO’s customers include industrial companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, municipalities, state and private organizations and companies managing buildings and facilities of all types, ranging from residential and administrative buildings through hospitals, schools and sports halls.


ELTODO Group is aligned with top technology market leaders in the Czech Republic.

More information

Since its formation in 1991, the company has been continuously expanding its service portfolio through the company growth as well as through acquisitions of companies within the industry. Presently, our company is a major supplier of complex solutions in the field of heavy current and light current electrical engineering. We concentrate on traditional branches – energy, transportation and public lighting, and we are also active in modern industries – telecommunications, control systems for intelligent buildings, and we develop our own concept, the Smart city which uniquely integrates solutions by ELTODO.


Aero4TE deals with software development solutions in the field of aviation, telecommunications and Security.

More information

The TEVOGS system is a solution for increasing the safety of ground traffic or movement operations in areas such as airports by use of central processing of position informations and their transfer back. It offers a mobile unit driver an overview of not only his own movement, but also of the traffic in his surroundings. Aero4TE is a Czech company founded in the year 2014 and part of the TECHNISERV group.

Mentors & lecturers

Jiří Nykodým

Since 1993, he has worked in a number of technology companies, particularly in IT, telecommunications and now he is in the field of electromobility.

More information

He held management positions at various levels in a number of multinational companies. At Microsoft, he has lead a team of consultants and, consequently, business team with the largest clients. In Telenor he managed a successful project – launching a new product on a deregulated market. He brought Alcatel back among the key suppliers of telecommunication infrastructure in the czech market and also after Alcatel-Lucent birth he carried it out the transformation period. He also has worked as a director of several major international IT and start-up projects in mobile payments.

Martina Lovčíková

Martina is an experienced leader in ICT and finance sectors, strategist, consultant and mentor. She led marketing, sales and product management teams during large business transformations, including Telefónica O2, CCS Česká společnost pro platební karty and Nordic Telecom.

More information

Martina started her professional life in early 90’s in a newly developing leasing industry in the Czech Republic in companies SkoFIN (member of VW group) and CitiLeasing – a subsidiary of Citibank In Citi, she later led SMB sales teams and worked as a VP in the retail bank. In 2005 she moved to the telco industry and led SMB division of Telefonica O2 Czech Republic through the major merger of mobile and fixed part of the company. Later on, she worked as a commercial director in CCS Česká společnost pro platební karty who provided car fleet monitoring solutions and fuel cards. She also worked as a business developer and a consultant of business process management systems in and lately successfully led a go-to-market of 5G fixed internet network for the company Nordic Telecom. 

Ladislav Tebich

Ladislav graduated from CTU almost twenty years ago. He started his professional career with British Telecom in Prague, being responsible for wholesale business.

More information

Then he gained another experience as the head of inter-carrier business with major mobile operators in the Czech Republic. In the meantime, Ladislav finished his MBA study at Sheffield Hallam University. During the past ten years Ladislav worked as an independent consultant supporting mobile operators in Morocco and Bulgaria. In 2017 Ladislav returned to CTU as Business Development Manager responsible for cooperation between the university and business sector, mainly in the field of IP commercialization.

Philip Staehelin

He is the former Managing Partner of Roland Berger. Previously, Philip held executive roles in CCS (where he recently served 4 years as the CEO of the fuel cards and telematics company), A.T. Kearney, T-Mobile, Accenture, and UniCredit Investment Bank.

More information

He’s also a co-founder of Video Recruit – an online video interviewing company that recently raised EUR 1.5m for its global expansion. He served as StartupYard’s Executive in Residence in 2015.

Philip is a Swiss-American who was born in New Zealand, and although he has been Prague-based for most of the past two decades, he has worked in a dozen countries around the world during his many years in management consulting. He holds an MBA from INSEAD (France) and a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado (USA). Currently he sits on the Boards of NejTV and Transparency International, and in the past he served on the Boards of AmCham Czech Republic, Nostromo, Wireless Wednesday, and CAMBAS. He also previously launched (and eventually sold) a start-up focused on offline PC advertising, and was the investor and developer of an award-winning, luxury residential building project. He speaks English, Czech and German – and in case of dire need, he can even manage some French.

Saul Orbach

He is a highly accomplished Venture Capitalist, Serial Entrepreneur, C-Suite Officer and Executive, Consultant, Lecturer, Thought Leader, and Board Member with 30 years of extensive experience building and exiting startup and growth companies, as well as turning around failing companies.

More information

Saul works as a Venture Partner with Starta Capital, a technology agnostic, geography specific investor in Eastern European technology startups. Saul shares his industry experience and knowledge as a Senior Adjunct Lecturer at the Technion International School, and is a popular speaker and guest lecturer at conferences, universities and other events.

Adir Widder

He has a wide technical background in multi-disciplinary environments, a creative problem solver with attention to details and hands-on approach, and he is a market and customer oriented thinker with a broad systemic vision.

More information

Adir is an experienced R&D Leader with a demonstrated experience from different startups in the medical device and healthcare industry. Skilled in R&D projects lifecycles, Project management, and system engineering aspects. Adir owns an engineering consultancy firm which provides R&D services in product development and system engineering, and holds a B.SC in Mechanical engineering from Tel aviv university and a M.E in System engineering from the Technion.

Andrea Ćirlićová

Andrea leads the Smart City team at EY Czech Republic. She focuses particularly on the mobility-energy-urban space triangle and on the measuring of smartness.

More information

Prior to EY, she had worked in the gas industry for 12 years, particularly in the area of European market integration.

Jana Chvalkovská

Senior HR Manager Eastern Europe, Red Hat. Jana gained her work experience during her 7 years in EEIP, a.s. in the role of a senior consultant focused on strategic advice, regulatory impact assessment and market analysis.

More information

Since 2014 she has been the HR Director of the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP. In July 2016 she joined Senior Regional HR Manager for Eastern Europe at Red Hat Czech s.r.o., where she is responsible for the care of more than 1,000 employees of the development center in Brno and several dozen business group employees in Eastern Europe.

Sharon Tal Itzkovitch

Sharon is the co-creator of the Market Opportunity Navigator and a co-author of the complementary book Where to Play.

More information

Dr. Sharon helps entrepreneurs and managers identify, evaluate and prioritize market opportunities for their business.

Sharon is a co-founder and former executive director of the Entrepreneurship Center at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and a senior lecturer on marketing and entrepreneurship. She runs courses and workshops in accelerators and universities around the world, and serves as a mentor in many organizations that aim to help budding entrepreneurs. Sharon has over a decade of experience in marketing, and in strategic consulting. Her PhD research looked at market entry decisions of hundreds of startups and its consequences on firm performance and flexibility.

Kateřina Ailová

She has been engaged in the use of qualitative market research and creative techniques to innovate services and products since her very early days.

More information

Her expertise is design thinking and customer experience design, which takes advantage of ethnography, semiotics, user experience and co-creation with client teams and customers. Kateřina has extensive experience in implementing innovative ecosystems in companies, developing innovative corporate culture and innovation processes. She is a co-founder of IdeaSense.

Lukáš Sedláček

After studying the fields of International Territorial Studies, European Studies and International Relations at Charles University’s Faculty of Social Sciences, Religious Studies and …

More information

… Hebraics at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University and International Relations at Cambridge University, Lukáš Sedláček worked at the Office of the Government, Ministry of Defense, in the non-profit organization Yes for Europe and O2.

At the same time, he lectured abroad at international universities in Prague and was president of the Czech Oxford and Cambridge alumni association.

As a member of the institutions, he was convinced that we are not making full use of our potential (both citizens and countries), and we encourage and motivate not only ourselves but also the people around us. How to motivate a person to want to achieve higher goals (whether we define them anyway), how to open our thinking to the latest knowledge of the outside world? How to add self-confidence to those who are underestimated and should be more appreciated? How to use the knowledge and skills of those who can develop us? These questions provoked him to decide to create a politically and financially independent action platform that would connect all sectors of Czech society and allow them to find common ground in their efforts to develop the Czech Republic.

For over 8 years, ELAI has been a dynamic platform for both individuals and Czech companies to grow. We carry out educational activities with leading business with personalities in the roles of lecturers. Every year, we organize the biggest events to promote innovation and business in the Czech Republic – the Business Week and the Innovation Week, which will be attended by more than 10,000 participants and will bring about 200 events.

Project partners


The Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the biggest and oldest technical universities in Europe.

More information

It was founded in 1707. CTU currently has eight faculties (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology) and about 21,000 students.


InQbay is the official incubator and innovation space of the Czech Technical University in Prague, focusing mainly on deep tech originating from this institution.

More information

The physical space in downtown Prague is a house made up of creators, innovators, engineers, investors and serial entrepreneurs all building products for future generations. InQbay aims to support deep tech deployment, startup and talent development originating from the Czech Technical University in Prague and with this supporting the innovation capacity of the Czech Republic.


The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is a public research university in Haifa, Israel.

More information

Established in 1912, it is the oldest university in Israel and it is ranked as the best university in Israel.  It has 19 academic departments, 60 research centers, and 12 affiliated teaching hospitals.  Technion´s graduates are in high regard for providing the skills and education behind the creation and protection of the State of Israel. The institute has also been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading entrepreneurial ecosystems and incubator for future successful entrepreneurs.

Embassy of Israel

The main objective of our Embassy is to enhance diplomatic ties and cooperation between the Czech Republic and Israel on many levels.

More information

Among our main priorities, we promote mutual understanding through scientific, educational, cultural and public affairs activities; we strive to address common concerns and differences through open and constructive dialogue with officials, journalists and citizens; and last but not least we endeavor to increase commerce and trade between Israel and the Czech Republic by identifying and promoting opportunities for trade, investment, and exchange of best practices.


Ing. Ivo Stanček

PhDr. Monika Dobiášová, Ph.D.

PR and communication manager


Ing. Ladislav Tebich, MBA

Ira Saul Rubenstein

Manager of external relations


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